1saleaday.com Website Review & Ratings + 1SaleADay Coupons
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1saleaday.com Website Review & Ratings + 1SaleADay Coupons

1SaleADay is a daily deals website enjoying substantial popularity. Launched in 2007 by the company of the same name, an estimated 400,000 visitors peruse the website each day! At the helm is founder and current CEO Ben Federman of Brooklyn, New York.

Every day the website highlights one deal within each of its five categories, separated by colored tabs. Categories are titled main, wireless, family, jewelry, and flash. While "main" is considered the outstanding deal of the day, "flash" lists all the daily deals in one area for ease of viewing. Each deal is posted at midnight EST and replaced by a new deal the following midnight, unless sold-out prior to expiry. Time is of the essence as a large stop-watch counts down time left to purchase the particular item, down to the seconds until midnight.

Each item is largely discounted from the prevailing retail price. The list price is slashed out by a bold line and replaced by the 1SaleADay price to conveniently show amount of money saved. Discounts are huge at up to 90% off retail price.

While items are usually new, refurbished items are occasionally sold as well. Product condition, along with features such as wattage, size, and make, are clearly described under a photo of the day's sale item. To purchase, click on item of choice and log in to the site if already a member. Prompts appear if a user account has not yet been created. Items are processed and shipped within 5 business days in majority of cases according to the website.

1SaleADay: What makes it different?

The appeal of 1SaleADay spreads beyond its webpage to related Facebook and Twitter pages. These links provide consumers easy access to the latest deals, comments, and contests. The Facebook page is wildly successful at over 333,000 "likes" as of today.

On a charitable note, CEO Ferman has also become known for the act of giving. In 2010 he donated more than half of the site's net earnings to various charities.

The "In the News" section at the bottom of 1SaleADay's site is a unique feature. The section includes icons for ABC, NBC, and The New York Times, providing readers one click access to press releases, videos, and quotes about the daily deals company. Positive feedback is easily available within the section and washes away any consumer concerns of the site's legitimacy.

Encouraging viewers of the site to do more than just shop, 1SaleADay also has a section for daily joke, word, statistic and other . While the deals may be primary reason to head to the website, there is potential to learn and have a laugh as well. The extra features gives 1SaleADay an edge over other deal sites by creating an experience rather than solely a place to shop online.

1SaleADay is unique as well as it operates largely according to low price and high volume. Other daily deal sites meanwhile may rely on mark-ups. Prices are often 80 to 90 percent off suggested retail cost at 1SaleADay. A prior example was $39.99 digital picture keychains advertised for $1 each. Low price keeps customer coming back to the website and the high volume outweighs the odd loss on extra-low deals such as the keychains. Chunk of Junk is an event on the site a few times a year that boasts items from past deals at $5 plus shipping. The products often sell out within a few minutes and keep customers coming back.

1SaleADay vs. primary competitors (sites similar to 1SaleADay)

1SaleADay competes with other daily deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social.

Living Social also offers large discounts on products. Different from 1SaleADay, however, is that Living Social discounts pertain to services as well. For instance, deals on trips could be posted on Living Social while only products for the trips could appear on 1SaleADay.

Living Social also reaches a wider geographic audience than 1SaleADay, who sells product to strictly US consumers. Living Social deals are available to the US, Canada and even cities in Europe and Australia. The site offers incentive that if, after the deal is purchased, three friends sign up for same deal using the same link then the original deal is free. This incentive is not an option for 1SaleADay, who instead offers deep discounts to attract multiple customers.

Groupon's daily deals are only offered when enough Groupon members buy the particular deal. 1SaleADay offers an advantage to Groupon by listing daily deals to consumers regardless of how many items are purchased. The disadvantage to Groupon is that if not enough people purchase the deal, no one gets it. 1SaleADay does not operate according to group-buying concepts; it is only contingent on number of purchasers in the sense that if multiple purchases are made a product may become sold-out. Groupon, like Living Social, also reaches consumers outside the US as it is available in parts of Canada too. Perhaps 1SaleADay will soon reach out to more parts of North America and other countries.

Although the 1SaleADay website explains that items may be reposted in the future if there was huge demand, there is no guarantee of which items. There is also no way to figure out which day an item will be reposted.

1SaleADay: Pricing & packages

1SaleADay accepts PayPal or one of four major credit cards as payment methods for its products. The purchase includes manufacturers' warranty, with length and terms explained in the 'Specs' section on the site. The website maintains it is secure for credit cards, with card information being transferred to a secure vault rather than remaining on their own server.

Savings are largely discounted from suggested retail price. As an example of significant savings, take the 4.3 carat blue quartz doublet and white topaz sterling silver earrings recently posted on site. At 92% off regular price, the earrings sold for $19.99 rather than regular $229.99. Log on to 1SaleADay to see what discounts are available today!

1SaleADay: Product images & screenshots
1SaleADay Coupons
1SaleADay: Customer reviews & comments

1SaleADay receives positive feedback online for its large discounts. The site also offers great daily variety. With products changing every day, the consumer returns the site and constantly finds various items of interest.

Returns are a tricky topic in the online community. Customer issues include being unable to reach a live person and delayed response time from 1SaleADay when reporting problems with merchandise. Other customers report their item being shipped later than expected or missing pieces. Customers do like that they can check themselves that their order has been successfully sent to the company by viewing the 'order history' section of their online account.

Success of 1SaleADay has led to the launch of four spin-off sites, including Shadora.com for jewelry and Ben’s Outlet for electronics. With products changing daily and customer base continually expanding, 1SaleADay continues to make its mark as a daily deals company to be taken seriously.

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