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It's Hatched!

Coupon and deal sites are gaining in popularity every day.  It seems there are new ones to rival the giant Groupon all the time.  A good one for many areas around the country is Deal Chicken.  Started through Gannet in 2010, this site is centered around the frugal vacationer offering mostly coupons for travel, restaurants, entertainment and relaxation.   What kind of stuff do they have to offer?

DealChicken: What makes it different?

Why Deal Chicken?

  • They offer a wide coverage of deals across the US in over 57 cities and growing. 
  • They have deals on cruise lines that cover a variety of dates and destination from the Caribean to New Orleans. You can choose departure and destination from a large list, rather than a few with restrictions.
  • Each deal is a real discount of 50% to 90% or more, no wimpy 10% found here.
  • Reliable service.  They say what they mean.  When a deal reaches the payout threshold for buyers, they payout, end of story.  They also issue refunds for deals that aren't satisfactory or not what they say from the sellers end.  That is a pretty good deal for a consumer.  Each deal has to have a certain amount of buyers before they release the coupons, but that's pretty reasonable.
  • Clear terms.  Each deal is clearly spelled out, without any hidden fees from the seller or the site.  You pay for the deal and that is all!  As each deal is 'hatched' you have a certain amount of time to purchase that deal, which is clearly spelled out, and then when you receive your coupon all the terms of that deal are also clearly spelled out, like a time frame for use. 
  • Perfect for vacation planning!  Their deals center around destinations and making the most of those destinations, like Branson, Missouri. 
  • Promo credits can be used to purchase deals.
  • Easy payment on a secure site with your credit cards.
DealChicken vs. primary competitors (sites similar to DealChicken)

Deal Chicken vs. Groupon

Groupon is the giant gorilla in the room when it comes to online coupons, but the little chicken is coming up fast.  Deal Chicken has only been around since 2010, but has grown to fifty seven cities in twenty nine states around the country.   The good thing about Deal Chicken is that it has a core focus, that of entertainment and travel-the American Vacation.  Groupon can be just darn near anything, and while that is good in a way it is also overwhelming.   The deals on each site are comparable, with discounts from around 40% to around 90%.  Neither site has a fee for signing up, which is a plus.  Both sites have a minimum number of coupons for each deal that has to be purchased to use the coupon, which can be frustrating for a consumer on a schedule, but the deals are worth it.  Groupon definitely offers a wider variety of both services and places, however, particularly for smaller cities like Lawrence, KS.  Groupon is also in more locations across the globe than any other similar service on the web, Deal Chicken included.  Groupon also has a feature to show how far away each deal is from where you are, which Deal Chicken doesn't have but really should.

Deal Chicken vs. Living Social

Living Social is another site similar to Deal Chicken and Groupon.  It is almost as large as Groupon is, and has a very family freindly, user freindly atmosphere on the site.  Living Social has 'Instant Deals' which make some coupons/vouchers available for immediate use, which is a great feature for people on the go.  If you do any traveling for business, Living Social is the best site as you can find yourself with time on your hands in unfamiliar territory.  Living Social can help you navigate that place and save money at the same time.  Like Groupon, Living Social has more deals in more places than Deal Chicken, but its very size can make it hard to use and find information.  Deal Chicken is smaller, but that makes the whole easier to navigate, with things easier to find on the site and easier to select destination wise.  Living Social does offer a nice 'family' feature for deals that centers around larger groups or family activities to be sent to your email.  Deal Chicken would do well to copy that feature, as well as the 'adventures' feature.  Those sort of groupings really can get someone excited about the possibilities of travel.  The deals might be a little better over all on Deal Chicken, offering real savings at places that 'real' people frequent, like pizza places and small theme restaurants.  Check out their Branson, MO offers and you will see what I mean.

DealChicken: Pricing & packages

So, what does it really cost?

The great thing about these sorts of sites, Deal Chicken included, is that even if you miss the expiration date on the coupon/voucher you can still use it for the face value (what you paid for it) for up to five years.  Say you buy a $100 voucher for a massage for $50.  If used in the time allotted you get the $100, maybe two massages for the price of one.  If you don't use it in that time frame, you aren't out the $50, just the savings you would have received.   

You can't trade in the coupons for cash value or use them to pay gratuity on a check, even if you recieve them as gifts. 

Each coupon/voucher is only redeemable at the company/business for which is was issued.  You can't use it like a debit card or money card.

Okay, that being said, how do the deals at Deal Chicken Compare?  I shall direct your attention to the Carnival Cruise offers, as a good comparison.   A four day cruise for two, plus two day hotel stay from point of departure, with meals and room service included is only $599.  Yep, for two people.  A similar offer from Living Social costs $1597 at 45% off the original price.  A similar offer from Groupon-well, actually, they didn't have a similar offer.  Their vacation deals are either huge, like a ten day guided tour of Egypt from $2896, or small like a discounted hotel room for $89 a night.  Good deals all, but nothing like the cruise from Deal Chicken. 

Most of the deals from Deal Chicken are like that, with a narrower focus but greater savings and availability. 

DealChicken: Product images & screenshots
DealChicken Coupons
Get 50%-90% Off The Best Things To See, Do, And Eat In Your Town @ DealChicken
DealChicken: Customer reviews & comments

What are people saying about Deal Chicken?

Around the web the buzz is mostly positive about Deal Chicken, with only one disgruntled seller who didn't want to honor the coupon deals.  It sounded like he didn't understand what he was getting into when he signed on.  The seller doesn't necessarily make any money on the deal, but he does get some new customers and good PR for his trouble.  Since they set the price, they should probably make sure they will be happy with the deal before they issue it. says ", a website specializing in local deals from top merchants, has expanded their reach to 57 markets throughout the United States in the last 30 days. Offering consumers savings of 40 to 90 percent on the things they love to do, eat, buy and experience, the website pecks out the freshest, Grade-A daily deals per city and emails them directly to their list of chickadees."

Marianne Princetta from Greensville says "I ask “do you deal chicken,” because if you don’t, you may be missing out on saving money on the things you enjoy to eat or activites you want to participate in."

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Such a deal! I had not heard of DealChicken before this.

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Get 50%-90% Off The Best Things To See, Do, And Eat In Your Town @ DealChicken