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Moolala offers deep discounts on products and travel, supposedly saving you 50-90% off retail prices. Signing up is free, and you don't have to make any purchases if you don't see any deals that you're interested in. After signing up, you will receive these daily deals in your inbox, twitter, or facebook. These deals are only available for a certain amount of time, usually just for the day.

If you decide you like one of the deals, purchasing it is simple to do on the website. However, you are only purchasing the deal, not the actual product. You won't get the voucher to purchase the item until the next day, but once you receive that you can use it to redeem your deal and make your purchase! 

Moolala: What makes it different?

Moolala differentiates itself from competitors in it's PayMatrix feature. By becoming a part of the rewards program, it seems that Moolala will start paying YOU.

You can get:

  • 2% of the deal price back on any purchase you make
  • 2% of the deal price back on purchases your referred friends make
  • 2% of the deal price back on purchases your referred friends referred friends make, etc.

Sounds great, right? You can make money on friends you don't even refer, by having your friends refer THEIR friends. These aren't one time payments either - as long as you remain a member, you'll keep getting paid. Watch those bills roll in!

Moolala vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Moolala)

Moolala is painfully similar to websites like Groupon and LivingSocial, which are the more popular discount websites. On all three websites customers can save 50-90% on goods, though Groupon and LivingSocial have more options, and seem to offer items that people actually, well, want. The only reason you might consider the deals from Moolala is because they are so cheap, not because you actually wanted to purchase that item in the first place. 

Groupon and LivingSocial seem to have more widespread deals, with vacations, spa outings, hair cuts, restaurant deals, and gym memberships offered in many suburbs and sections of the city, so there is always a good deal close to where you live or work. Moolala on the other hand seems to offer odds and ends in not so large areas of the city, such as strange electronics accessories that people really wouldn't use unless they received it as a joke gift of sorts. They also offer vacation packages that sound great on the screen, but the current trip they have listed to Cabo San Lucas for $199 is way too good to be true. Don't ever skip over the fine print. This deal states that you get five nights in this hotel, or if they run out of room they will put you up in another random hotel for the duration of your trip. Also, you have to be 27 years old to purchase the deal. You can bring your kids too, just as long as they are under 12 or over 18. What? The listing implies that this package includes airfare as well, offering free pick up from the airport. Sure, it's free, as long as you can shell out the thousands of dollars out of your own pocket it will take to get you there. 

Rule of thumb - don't be fooled by Moolala's too good to be true listings. Read the fine print. If it sounds too good, it probably is. And I would suggest reading product reviews before purchasing any of their shotty electronics from the website.

Moolala: Pricing & packages

There is no specific pricing structure at Moolala. Daily deals are offered at 50-90% off retail, depending on the product. An accessory for your smartphone could cost $9, while a custom framed print could cost $30, both of which could be offered next to a $199 vacation package. There is no standard at Moolala, as each deal depends on the actual retail price of the item being offered.

Moolala offers the same discounts as it's competitors, which sounds great for them, however they need to greatly expand their deal offerings before they can be even remotely compared to Groupon and LivingSocial.

Moolala: Product images & screenshots
Moolala Coupons
Moolala: Customer reviews & comments

Many customers seem to be extremely happy with Moolala's PayMatrix feature as well as the deals for smaller items. However, there were many complaints about the deals for larger items such as the vacation packages.

One woman was upset that she apparently couldn't bring her two children, as one didn't fit into the under 12 or over 18 age requirement.

"So it's okay to include my daughter who is 10 but not my son who is 17?  Doesn't seem quite fair that they want me to leave him at home but I can take my daughter? Why can't this include children over the age of 12 if it isn't an all inclusive resort?"

Moolala customer service responded to the review, stating that she could bring her 17 year old son for an extra fee, which doesn't seem to make sense. As the woman stated, this is not an all inclusive package so why the age requirement on children? 

Another negative comment that seemed to come up over and over are the timeshare presentations the hotel "invites" guests to. While yes, $199 is an amazing deal for four nights in Mexico, is it really worth the hotel pestering you day in and day out to come to hours upon hours at a presentation where they try and get you to buy a timeshare? It is not worth it. Many customers stated that they would much rather spend the full price for the hotel than receive a deep discount and have to attend a meeting.

Overall, Moolala seems like a good deal for smaller items, like electronics and custom photos, etc. For big ticket items, spend the extra money and go full price!

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